Trinity Bosh
Born: Trinity Meyers Bosh
November 2 2008 () (age 9)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality: American
Parents: Chris Bosh (father)
Allison Mathis (mother)
Relatives: Jackson Bosh (half-brother)
Dylan Bosh (half-sister)
Phoenix Bosh (half-brother)
Lennox Bosh (half-brother)

Trinity Myers Bosh (born November 2, 2008) is the oldest daughter of former NBA foward Chris Bosh.

Biography Edit

Bosh was born to National Basketball Association player Chris Bosh and Allison Mathis. After her parents broke up, her father married model Adrienne Williams in 2011. Through their marriage, Bosh gained four younger half-siblings: Jackson, Dylan, Phoenix and Lennox.

Bosh is very loved by her stepmother Adrienne, she treates Trinity like her very own daughter. Bosh lives in Central Florida with her mother, but spends a lot of time with her paternal family. Adrienne frequently post pictures of her children including Trinity. Adrienne wrote this heart felt message to her:

Trinity: Our oldest, The first to steal Daddy's heart and teach us the ropes, the Best Big Sister to all the #BoshBabies , The Glue of our Crew!❤️ I embraced this journey, and what a blessing it has been to watch you grow into such a lovely young lady (it's seems almost overnight😩). May we always have these moments together And remember you'll never be too big for my lap!

In the post Adrienne says our oldest daughter, implying she loves Trinity dearly and accepts her, like any great stepmother would.

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