Thompson Family
Klay Thompson Mother Julie White Thompson-pics
from left to right Mychel Thompson,Trayce Thompson,Klay Thompson, Julie Thompson, and Mychal Thompson

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The Thompson Family, better known as Klay Thompson's family is one of the most popular NBA family in the NBA. It consists of retired NBA player Mychal Thompson, his wife Julie Thompson, and his sons MychelKlay, and Trayce Thompson. They currently live in Oakland, California.

Family Edit

Family Members Relation to player Biography
Mychal Thompson NBA player Mychal is a retired professional basketball player and won two NBA chamionships with the Los Angeles Lakers.
Julie Thompson Mychal's wife Julie attended University of Portland and the University of San Francisco where she was the outside hitter on the women's volleyball teams.
Mychel Thompson Mychal's son Mychel is a professional basketball player. Mychel has played for several teams in the NBA
Klay Thompson Mychal's son Klay won two NBA championships, Olympic gold medal, and holding numerous records related to three-point shooting.
Trayce Thompson Mychal's son Trayce is a professional baseball player in the MLB. He currently plays for the Los Angles Dodgers.

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