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Sonya Curry
Sonya Curry at dinner




  • former volleyball player
  • NBA mother

Years active


Known for

mother of Stephen Curry


Dell Curry (1988-present)

Sonya Adams Curry (born 1967) is former volleyball player for Virginia Tech. She is the wife of former NBA player Dell Curry, mother of Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry.


Sonya Adams Curry went to Radford High School where she was a standout basketball and volleyball player winning state championships. She chose to play volleyball at Virginia Tech, which is also where she met her husband, former NBA Star Dell Curry. Sonya was a freshman and Dell was a junior when he first asked her out after one of her games. They married in 1988 and obviously passed some athletic genes on to their children. Curry has three children with Dell, some of which you might have heard of before. Curry's first and oldest son and oldest child Stephen, most famous of their children; played three years of basketball at Davidson where he lead them to Elite Eight in 2008 NCAA touranment and is the starting point guard for the Golden State Warriors. Curry's second and youngest son and middle child Seth played at Liberty University before transferring to Duke University and is the rookie point guard for the Golden State Warriors. Curry's youngest child first and only daughter Sydel was a high school senior and volleyball player at Charlotte Christian School (same school Stephen and Seth went to) and with Carolina Union Volleyball Club's U18-1 Swerve team. She is currently a freshmen at Elon University.

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