Shaya Bryant
Born Shaya Bryant
Years active 1996-present
Parents Joe Bryant(father)
Pamela Bryant (mother)
Relatives Sharia Bryant (sister)
Kobe Bryant (brother)

Shaya Bryant-Tabb is an American socialite, businesswoman, and celebutante. She is the older sister of former Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.

Life Edit

Bryant is the youngest daughter of former NBA player Joe Bryant and Pamela Cox Bryant. She has an older sister Sharia and a younger brother Kobe. Kobe has won five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. She is also the maternal niece of basketball player John "Chubby" Cox. Bryant was raised Roman Catholic. When Bryant was a child, her father left the NBA and moved her family to Rieti in Italy to continue playing professional basketball.

Relationship with Kobe Edit

Kobe also had issues with his sisters at some point because he claims that they were relying too heavily on him for their own identities. True that they were smart ladies but Bryant needed them to take more financial responsibility for their own lives rather than rely on their celebrity baby brother. Shaya is also in marriage and has 3 children.

They’re very smart, college-educated [women],” Kobe says. “I’m really proud of them. They were able to get their own jobs, get their own lives, take care of themselves. Now they have a better sense of self, of who they are as people, instead of being resentful because they were relying on me.

“It was tough for me to do,”

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