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Ryan Curry
Born: Ryan Carson Curry

July 10 2015 () (age 1)
Bay Area, California

Residence: Bay Area, California
Nationality: American
Parents: Stephen Curry (father)
Ayesha Curry (mother)
Relatives: Riley Curry (sister)
Seth Curry (uncle)
Sydel Curry (aunt)
Dell Curry (grandfather)
Sonya Curry (grandmother)

Ryan Carson Curry (born July 10, 2015) is the youngest daughter of Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.


Curry was born in Bay Area, California, to National Basketball Association player Stephen Curry and actress Ayesha Curry. Her mother is mixed race and her father is African-American. She has an older sister Riley.

Both of her grandparents were athletes at Virginia Tech; Dell played basketball, then played professionally in the NBA and Sonya played volleyball.  

Curry is the proud owner of a playhouse that is cooler than most actual houses. This playhouse makes that playhouse look like a straight up playhovel.The new house, which was built for and unveiled on the inaugural episode of TLC’s new Playhouse 

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