Pamela Bryant
Residence Thailand, Southeast Asia
Other Names Pam Cox
Years active 1996–present
Spouse(s) Joe Bryant (m.1975)
Children 3, including Kobe Bryant

Pamela Cox Bryant (born 1954) is an American socialite and is best known for being the wife of former NBA player Joe Bryant. She is also the mother of former Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.

Personal Life Edit

She is the sister of former NBA player Chubby Cox. She married Joe Bryant sometime in 1975 when she 21 years old. They have two daughters and one son: Sharia, Shaya, and Kobe. Kobe has won five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. She has three grandchildren, Natalia, Gianna, and Bianka Bryant, through Kobe, with his wife Vanessa. She also is the aunt of professional basketball player John Cox IV.

Relationship with Kobe Edit

Bryant has a very strained relationship with her son Kobe. Bryant along with her husband, her two daughters, her son longtime advisor and agent Arn Tellem, or her son Laker teammates did not attend Kobe's wedding. She was opposed to the marriage for a number of reasons. Reportedly Bryant had problems with him marrying so young, especially to a woman who was not African-American. This disagreement resulted in an estrangement period of over two years, which ended when the couple's first daughter was born. The birth of Natalia influenced Bryant to reconcile his differences with his parents.

In 2013, Bryant intended to an auction house over memorabilia from his early years and had a legal disagreement with her son . Pamela Bryant received $450,000 from the auction house for the items, and claimed Bryant had given her the rights to the items he had remaining in her home. However, his lawyers asked the auction house to return the items to Bryant. Before the scheduled trial, a settlement was reached allowing the sale of less than 10% of the original items. She apologized to him in a written statement, which also acknowledged the financial support Bryant had provided them in the past.