Olivia George
Born: Olivia George
May 1 2014 () (age 3)
New York, New York
Residence: Indianapolis, Indiana
Nationality: American
Parents: Paul George (father)
Daniela Radjic (mother)
Relatives: Teiosha George (aunt)
Portala George (aunt)
Paul George Sr.(grandfather)
Paulette George (grandmother)

Olivia George (born May 1, 2014) is the daughter of Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George.

Early LifeEdit

George was born in New York City to National Basketball Association player Paul George and actress Daniela Radjic. Her mother is white and her father is African-American. Both of her aunts were athletes in college; Teiosha, who played basketball at Pepperdine, and Portala, who played volleyball at CSU-San Bernardino. George is granddaughter of Paul and Paulette George.


  • her father is an NBA superstar
  • her father birthday is a day after hers
  • her aunt Portala is a former college volleyball player
  • her aunt Teiosha is a former college basketball player
  • she is mutliracial
  • she looks like her father
  • she is the youngest child of the george children
  • she is the youngest grandchild
  • nick name is baby olivia

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