Houston Lillard
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Residence Portland, Oregon
Years active 2013-present
Spouse Gina Johnson(divorced)
Children 3

Houston Lillard Sr. is the father NBA All-Star Damian Lillard.

Life and FamilyEdit

Lillard was married to Gina Johnson but divorced in 2004. Even though he and Johnson are no longer together they remain close friends in support of their children. The couple have three children, Houston (b. 1986), Damian (b. 1990), and La'Nae (b. 1998). All three of his children are current or former athletes: Houston plays football in college; Damian is a member of the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers; and La'Nae played basketball at Lakeridge High School.

The children said for as long as they can remember, their dad has always been their bestfriend. According to his youngest son Damian, he's always showed his support by goingto his basketball games, helping him with his studies, or just simply talking about life and when life was the subject, Damian says his dadnever held back any punches.

"He's a quiet dude, but he keeps it 100 all the time", Damian said. He's an honest dude. He tells you what you need to hear, not what you wantto hear. He's like that all the time. Him being tough like that,that's how he made me and my brother.

But Lillard wasn't just that way with his own kids, he was that way with the friends of his son's friend as well.. Some of the kids in East Oakland who had no father intheir household, considered Lillard to be their own.

Damian says that's just the kind of person he is.

"He's the same way with everybody and that's why they Lillard's friend sall loved him like a dad, he said. I can go somewhere with Nolan Smith and he'll treat Nolan that way, too. He just cares for people."

When his sons were in high school and daughter in elementary school, they found out that thier parents, were separating. For all of his children's life, family stability was the one thing they always possessed and it looked as if it was slipping away. But Lillard created a bond much morepowerful between his kids than ever before. He remained an activeparticipant in his kids studies, he continued to show up at games,and he never left. Infact, he and Gina have always had a good relationship after the separation, in which led to an easier transition for the kids.

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