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Gianna Bryant
Born: Gianna Maria Onore Bryant

May 1 2006 () (age 10)
Southern California

Residence: Los Angeles County, California
Nationality: American
Parents: Kobe Bryant (father)

Vanessa Bryant (mother)

Relatives: Natalia Bryant (sister)
Bianka Bryant (sister)
Sharia Bryant (aunt)
Shaya Bryant (aunt)
Joe Bryant (grandfather)
Pamela Bryant (grandmother)

Gianna Maria Onore Bryant (born May 1, 2006) is the middle daughter of former Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.


Bryant's father, Kobe, is a retired professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and is considered one of the greatest players of all time. Her parents met when her mother was working as a background dancer on the "Tha gEastsidaz" music video "G'd Up". Gianna's grandfather Joe Bryant played in the NBA and used to coach the Los Angeles Sparks. and her grandmother Pam Cox, is the sister of former NBA player Chubby Cox. She has an older sister Natalia and younger sister Bianka. On her father's side, Bryant is African-American and Indian descent, and on her mother's side, she is of primarily Mexican and Irish ancestry.

Gianna plays basketball like her dad and is able to shoot one-dribble pullups just like Bryant does.


  • she is mexican and African American
  • her dad's NBA pro
  • is a daddy's girl
  • looks like her mother
  • plays basketball
  • about to have a younger sister

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