Elizabeth Irving
Born: August 13,1967
Aged: 29
Death: September 9, 1996
Education: Boston University
Occupation: Musician
Nationality: American
Spouse: Drederick Irving (?-1996; her death)
Children: 2, including Kyrie Irving

Elizabeth Ann Irving (née Larson August 13,1967-September 9, 1996) was an American college volleyball player who played for the Boston University Terriers women's volleyball team. Long after her death, her son, Kyrie Irving, became a professional basketball player. 


Irving was the daughter of George, a Lutheran minister and Norma Larson, who worked in health care, 13 days later by an adoption agency. She was spirited from the start, her stated goal as a child was to become the first woman President of the United States and she developed informed, outspoken views.

Irving played volleyball and basketball at Rogers High School in Puyallup, Washington. As a sophomore in 1982-83, she helped guide Rogers win the 4A SPSL title and finished 23-5 with a fifth-place finish at the state tournament. During her junior year, her team finished 20-7 and with a fourth-place state finish.

For her senior year, she transferred to Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Washington. She studied political science at Boston University and played volleyball there. A classically trained pianist, Elizabeth Irving, able to read music or play by ear, crooned gospel-choir hymns while she cradled her children in her arms. She lulled her children to sleep with religious lyrics learned inside the Lutheran churches that her father ministered in from Mitchell, S.D., to the Puget Sound.


While in college, she met Drederick Irving, a retired professional basketball player in Australia. She walked into Drederick's world one day in the first semester of her freshman year. He was a sophomore. She was in a convenience store on Commonwealth Ave. talking to a friend when he saw her. "The world just stopped for about 30 seconds," he says. The couple got married and she gave birth to two children: Asia (b. 1991) and Kyrie (b. 1992). Asia is a fashion designer and Kyrie is the starting point guard for the Boston Celtics.  Through Kyrie, she has one granddaughter, Azurie, who is named after her.


Irving died of Sepsis Syndrome, a complex inflammatory condition associated with infection on September 9, 1996, at the age of 29, and ashes are buried in Mitchell, S.D.

Her two children still carry on an ongoing memorial, Asia named her store after her. Kyrie, has her name, Elizabeth, is etched on the sole of his Nike shoe with her birthdate and the day she died. "That was one of the first things I knew I wanted to put on the shoe," Kyrie said. "She's one of the reasons why I've come so far, why I have the drive that I do." He also has a tattoo of her name inscribed over his heart with wings and a halo, and another pair of tattoos on his wrists of roman numerals and 13 the date of her birthday. He also found another way to honor her. On November 23, 2015 Kyrie's daughter Azurie was born. Her middle name is Elizabeth.

He also sent a heartfelt message.

"Azurie Elizabeth Irving, Mommy, I gave her your name because I know you will bless her and our family the same way you blessed me. I love you."

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