Dylan Bosh
Born: November 4 2013 () (age 4)
Miami, Florida
Residence: Miami, Florida
Nationality: American
Parents: Chris Bosh (father)
Adrienne Bosh (mother)
Relatives: Trinity Bosh (half-sister)
Jackson Bosh (brother)
Phoenix Bosh (brother)
Lennox Bosh (brother)

Dylan Skye Bosh (born November 4, 2013) is the middle child of former NBA foward Chris Bosh.

Biography Edit

Born in Miami, Bosh is the daughter of retired National Basketball Association player Chris Bosh and model Adrienne Bosh and has four siblings.She has an older half-sister Trinity, and three brothers Jack, Phoenix, and Lennox Bosh. Her mother is Hispanic and her father is African-American.

Daddy's Princess, Mommy's Darling, our Middle child but more like the Boss of the #BoshBabies and our home 😂 ! Such a "Little Mommy" always taking care of and caring for your brothers and sister (including nursing boo boo's and whispering words of encouragement like "Jack I'm So proud of you!". Your Heart is SO Big❤️ You have expanded me and wrapped your Daddy around your little pinky finger in way that I can only explain as magic👑💖 You are the sweetest gift, my star, my light, and I absolutely adore you. One thing ☝️ why do I keep finding my purses and shoes In your closet?😳😍

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