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Curry Family
from left to right Seth Curry, Sonya Curry, Dell Curry,Riley Curry Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry, Ryan Curry, missing:Sydel Curry


Charlotte, North Carolina
Orinda, California


the currys
Stephen Curry's family
Dell curry's family


Stephen Curry
Dell Curry
Sonya Curry
Seth Curry
Sydel Curry
Ayesha Curry
Riley Curry
Ryan Curry


  • Stephen:professional athlete
  • Dell:ESPN Sports Broadcaster
  • Sonya:school principal
  • Seth: professional athlete
  • Sydel: college athlete
  • Ayesha: actress, model


Thompson Family

The Curry Family, better known as Stephen Curry's family is currently the most popular NBA family in the NBA. It consists of NBA Most Valuable Player Award winner, Stephen Curry, his parents Dell and Sonya Curry, his siblings Seth and Sydel Curry, his wife Ayesha Curry, and his daughters Riley and Ryan Curry. They currently live in Orinda, California and Charlotte, North Carolina.


Stephen Curry

Main article: Stephen Curry

Wardell Stephen Curry II (more commonly referred to as "Steph" or "Stephen"), plays the point guard position and is considered by some to be the greatest shooter in NBA history. Curry has won one NBA championship, one NBA Most Valuable Player Award, and led the NBA in three-point field goals made three-times. He has also been selected to two NBA All-Star teams, two All-NBA teams, and is the Warriors' franchise leader in three-point field goals made.

Dell Curry

Main article: Dell Curry

Dell Curry, Stephen's father.

Wardell Stephen Curry (more commonly referred to as "Dell") is a retired professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1986 until 2002. He retired as the Charlotte Hornets' all-time leader in points (9,839) and three-point field goals made (929). Curry now works as a color commentator, alongside Steve Martin, on Charlotte Hornets television broadcasts.

Sonya Curry

Main article: Sonya Curry

Sonya Curry, Stephen's mother.

Sonya Curry, who was Sonya Adams before her marriage to Dell, was a three-sport athlete at Radford High School in Virginia, and she was a star volleyball player at Virginia Tech, where she met Dell. After marriage and moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, she runs her own Montessori school in Charlotte.

Seth Curry

Main article: Seth Curry

Seth Curry, Stephen's younger brother

From 2013-2015 Seth Curry played in the NBA Development League for two teams and was a two-time NBA Development League All-Star. Due mainly to Curry's stellar play in 2015 summer league, on July 22, Curry signed with the Sacramento Kings.

Sydel Curry

Main article: Sydel Curry

Sydel Curry, Stephen's younger sister

Sydel Curry is an indoor college volleyball player at Elon University. She injured her knee in her true freshmen season so she is now a red-shirt. She came back her second season from a full recovery and was named the team's most improved player.

Ayesha Curry

Main article: Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry, Stephen's beautiful wife

Ayesha Curry who was Ayesha Alexander before her marriage to Stephen was an actress and model. She had booked a handful of gigs in her time in California and appeared in small role in tv shows. She also was a supermodel. Ayesha has known her husband since they were teenagers.

Riley Curry

Main article: Riley Curry

Riley Curry, Stephen's oldest daughter

Riley is the first child of the family. At just 2 years old, Riley has repeatedly stole the spotlight from her father by being her super cute self. During one of Stephen’s post-game press conferences in May 2015, Riley popped on stage because she wanted to sit on his lap.

Ryan Curry

Main article: Ryan Curry

Ryan Curry, Stephen's youngest daughter

Ryan is the first second child of the family. Ryan was born nine days before her older sister birthday.


Member Image Born famous for Age Occupation
Dell Curry
June 25, 1964 Retired NBA player 51 sportbroadcaster
Sonya Curry
May 30,1966 wife of Dell Curry 49 elementary school principal
Stephen Curry
March 14,1988 NBA player 28 Point guard for Golden State Warriors
Seth Curry
August 23, 1990 NBA player 25 Point guard for Sacarmento Kings
Sydel Curry
1 Sydel Curry
October 20, 1994 daughter of Dell Curry 21 setter for Elon University
Ayesha Curry
March 23,1989 wife of Stephen Curry 27 actress,model
Riley Curry
July 19,2012 daughter of Stephen Curry 3 post-game star
Ryan Curry
Baby ryan
July 10, 2015 daughter of Stephen Curry

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