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Curry Family
from left to right Seth Curry, Sonya Curry, Dell Curry,Riley Curry Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry, Ryan Curry, missing:Sydel Curry

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The Curry Family, better known as the "First Family of the NBA" is currently the most popular NBA family in the NBA. It consists of NBA champion, Stephen Curry, his parents Dell and Sonya Curry, his siblings Seth and Sydel Curry, his wife Ayesha Curry, and his daughters Riley and Ryan Curry. They currently live in Bay Area, California and Charlotte, North Carolina.


Family Members Relation to player Biography
Stephen Curry NBA player Wardell Stephen Curry II (more commonly referred to as "Steph" or "Stephen"), is considered by some to be the greatest shooter in NBA history. He has won an NBA championships, two NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, an NBA scoring title, and led the NBA in three made three times and steals once. He has also been selected to 3 NBA All-Star teams, 3 All-NBA teams.
Ayesha Curry Stephen's wife Ayesha Curry who was Ayesha Alexander before her marriage to Stephen was an actress and model. Ayesha is a professional chef, where she has her own cooking show
Riley Curry Stephen's oldest daughter Riley rose to the prominence after Stephen’s post-game press conferences in May 2015 by being her super cute self.
Ryan Curry Stephen's youngest daughter Ryan is the first second child of the family. Ryan was born nine days before her older sister birthday.
Dell Curry Stephen's father Wardell Stephen Curry (more commonly referred to as "Dell") is a retired professional basketball player. Dell played for five teams in the NBA mainly with Charlotte Hornets. He is now color commentator for the team
Sonya Curry Stephen's mother Sonya Curry, who was Sonya Adams before her marriage to Dell, is a school administrator and principal. She played volleyball at Virginia Tech.
Seth Curry Stephen's brother Seth is also a professional basketball player. Seth has played for seven temas mainly with Sacramento Kings.
Sydel Curry Stephen's sister Sydel Curry is an indoor college volleyball player at Elon University. She plays the setter the position.


The Curry Family is the most popular NBA family. Ever since Steph has been in college, we have always seen his beautiful family. Being a family of athletes, they can more attention then most families in the NBA. During games when Steph or even Seth does something special the camera goes directly too them. It has been more frequently the past two years because of Steph's rise as a superstar. They have been called the first family of basketball in many people eyes. Riley is known as America's sweetheart, they done photoshoots on maganizes.

Game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals everything has changed.  Stephen fouled out late in the Cleveland Cavaliers' 115-101 win over the defending NBA champions at Quicken Loans Arena. He was then ejected from the court after throwing his mouthpiece and unintentionally hitting a fan with it.

While the Cleveland faithful were singing goodbye to the Warriors superstar ("Hit the road, Jack" was being played at the arena), Curry's family applauded his play and blew kisses at the Cavs crowd:

Ayesha, turned to Twitter and voiced her displeasure with the referees' decision. Ayesha claimed the NBA is rigged, which was the worst mistake of her life. Minutes before tipoff, Ayesha tweeted that the Warriors players' families were still on the bus in the arena parking lot and weren't being let off. This put a huge dark house on their family's reputation, where ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith compared them to the James Family saying they would be more scrutinized if they behave like the Currys did.

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