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Chris and Jada Paul  are one of the most popular couples of the NBA.

Before a couple Edit

  • Chris was a basketball player at Wake Forest University
  • Jada was a student at Wake Forest University

Relationship Edit

Paul and Crawley are both native of North Carolina. Both of them were students at Wake Forest University where they met and began dating.

After a lengthy relationship (since college), Chris Paul married girlfriend Jada Crawley in an extravagant ceremony at Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge in Charlotte, NC. Both Chris and Jada wanted to return to their homestate to have the ceremony accessible for close friends and family. In an interview with Essence, which had exclusives to the wedding, Chris discussed one of the reasons he was still with college sweetheart Jada: “Jada was with me when I was broke.” The strong testament to Chris Paul's wife, Jada Paul was reciprocated with how battles with in law's helped them forge their relationship. “Sometimes they gave me the side-eye like, Is she here for the right reasons? But Chris stood up for me. It made us stronger. ” Congratulations to Chris, Jada and Chris Jr. Chris Paul met his girlfriend Jada Crawley in 2003 while attending Wake Forest together.

Children Edit

They had their first child together, Christopher Emmanuel Paul II, on May 23, 2009 and their second their second child, Camryn Alexis Paul, was born on August 16, 2012. - See more at:

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