Burke Family
from left to right: Amber Burke, Ronda Burke, Trey Burke, Amani Burke, Benji Burke

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The Burke Family, better known as Trey Burke's family is one of the athletic NBA families. It consists of New York Knicks point guard Trey Burke, his parents Benji and Ronda Burke, and his two sisters Amber and Amani Burke. They currently live in Columbus, Ohio.


Family Members Relation to player Biography
Trey Burke NBA Player Burke has won NBA All-Star Weekend Skills Challenge finish third in the NBA Rookie of the Year Award balloting.  He has played for the Utah Jazz and Washington Wizards.
Benji Burke Trey's father Benji played college basketball at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and Northwest Missouri State University,
Ronda Burke Trey's mother Ronda Burke, who was Ronda Crawford before her marriage to Benji, was a track and field star-athlete at Ruskin High School 
Amber Burke Trey's sister Amber is Trey's older sister and is an music artist, model, and aspiring singer. She has one child.
Amani Burke Trey's sister Amani is Trey's younger sister and plays college basketball at Ohio University. She plays the point guard position.

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