Bosh Family
from left to right: Jackson Bosh,Dylan Bosh,Chris Bosh,Lennox Bosh Trinity Bosh, Phoenix Bosh, Adrienne Bosh

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The Bosh Family, better known as the Chris Bosh's family,is of the most popular nba families. It consists of retired Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh, his wife Adrienne Bosh and his five children: Trinity, Jackson, Dylan, Phoenix and Lennox Bosh. They currently live in Miami, Florida.


Family Members Relation to player Biography
Chris Bosh NBA Player Chris has won two NBA championships and is the Toronto Raptors' all-time leader in rebounds, blocks, and double doubles.
Adrienne Bosh Chris' wife Adrienne Bosh who was Adrienne Williams before her marriage to Chris is the owner of Sparkle and Shine Darling boutique.
Trinity Bosh Chris' daughter Trinity is Chris' oldest daughter from a previous relationship. Chris has full custody of her and she lives in Miami with him.
Jackson Bosh Chris' son Jackson is Chris' oldest son and first child with Adrienne. He is named after his grandfather and great-grandfather.
Dylan Bosh Chris' daughter Dylan is Chris' youngest daughter and second child with Adrienne. She is the only female of the Bosh Babies
Phoenix Bosh Chris' son Phoenix is Chris' middle son and third child with Adrienne. He is the oldest of the twin boys by a few minutes.
Lennox Bosh Chris' son Lennox is Chris' youngest son and fourth child with Adrienne.  He is the youngest child of the Bosh Babies.

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