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Azurie Irving
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Born: Azurie Elizabeth Irving
November 23 2015 () (age 1)
Dallas County, Texas
Residence: Dallas, Texas
Nationality: American
Parents: Kyrie Irving (father)
Andrea Wilson (mother)
Relatives: Asia Irving (aunt)
London Irving (aunt)
Drederick Irving (grandfather)
Elizabeth Irving (grandmother)

Azurie Elizabeth Irving (born November 23, 2015)  is the daughter of Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Kyrie Irving.


Irving was born November 23, 2015 to National Basketball Association player Kyrie Irving and Andrea Wilson. Irving's middle name come from her grandmother, Elizabeth Irving who died in 1996. Irving is bi-racial born to an African-American father and Caucasian mother.

Both of her grandparents were athletes at Boston University; Dred played basketball and played professionally in Australia for the Bulleen Boomers and Elizabeth played volleyball.

Irving lives in Dallas, Texas, with her mother. Her father reisdes in Cleveland, Ohio since he plays basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers which is 1,183.8 miles away from Dallas. Since her birth, her proud parents have kept her off a social media, for the most part. Her mother doesn't have social media and her father rarely posts her.

Even though he don't flaunt his child all over his instagram, Kyrie has let it be known how much he really loves daughter. He does many dedication to his child such as during every game that he plays in he writes her intials A.E.I on the right ride of his sneakers with a heart next to it, along with the rest of her paternal family, prior to that he wrote her first name, and also her name, Azurie Elizabeth, is etched on the sole of his third Nike shoe called Kyrie 3.

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