Anthony Family
from left to right: Kiyan Anthony, Carmelo Anthony, and La La Anthony

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The Anthony Family, better known as the Carmelo Anthony's family,is one of the most popular nba families. It consists of Houston Rockets small forward Carmelo Anthony his wife La La Anthony and their son Kiyan Anthony. They had their own reality show La La's Full Court Life.


Family Members Relation to player Biography
Carmelo Anthony NBA player Melo has won three Olympic gold medals, an NBA scoring title, one bronze medal, and is the United States Olympic men's national basketball team all-time leading scorer, leader in rebounds and games played
La La Anthony Melo's wife La La who was La La Vázquez before her marriage to Melo is a television personality, author, and actress.
Kiyan Anthony Melo's son Kiyan is Melo and La La's only son and is also a model who is making headway in the fashion industry.

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