Amirah O'Neal
Born Amirah Sanaa O'Neal
November 13 2001 () (age 15)
Los Angeles, California
Residence Los Angeles, California
Occupation Television personality
Years active 2002-present
Parents Shaquille O'Neal (father)
Shaunie O'Neal (mother)
Relatives Taahirah O'Neal(half-sister)
Myles O'Neal (half-brother)
Shareef O'Neal (brother)
Shaqir O'Neal (brother)
Me'arah O'Neal (sister)

Amirah Sanaa O'Neal (born November 13, 2001) is an American television personality and celebutante.  She was one of the main cast members in the VH1 reality series Shaunie's Home Court. She is the daughter of Hall of Fame NBA player Shaquille O'Neal.

Early life Edit

O'Neal was born in Los Angeles, California, to Hall of Fame National Basketball Association player Shaquille O'Neal and television personality Shaunie O'Neal. She has three older siblings: Taahirah, Myles, Shareef, and two younger siblings: Shaqir and Me'ara. Though she was born in 2001, her parents weren't married until 2002. She has appeared at countless red carpet events with both of her parents. She follows in the footsteps of her father as a basketball player as well as her mother as a reality television personality, appearing on Shauna's VH1 series Shaunie's Home Court. Her parents separated in 2007 when she was just 6 years old. They officially divorced in 2009

 As a teenager, she is truly a girlie girl and like all other teenagers no one can pry this phone away from Shaunie’s selfie queen.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Her father won four NBA championships, three with the Lakers
  • Her mother is creator of the reality show Basketball Wives
  • Her two oldest siblings are her half-siblings 

See Also Edit

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